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Hints for Downloads of Pressglas-Korrespondenz
Hinweise zum Speichern der Pressglas-Korrespondenz
1. Please download the newest version of Acrobat Reader ®
For download, reading, printing and saving of PDF-files (Portable Document Format) from my website in optimal quality and with best speed You need the newest version of "Adobe Acrobat Reader ®".

Please substitute version 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0 with Adobe Reader version 11.0 - it is important for security!
Look for installation files for German, Czech, English, French & Russian on CD PK 2017-1/2 or at the front page!

You can download this programm for free:
Click at "Get Acrobat Reader ®" (English Version) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
2. Saving parts of Pressglas-Korrespondenz
On page "Aktuell" I have marked articles which can be downloaded with the symbol for PDF-files Hinweis auf abrufbare Schulungs-Unterlagen.
I also give You the size of the files in KB and the number of pages - for instance: (2.863 KB, 28 Seiten). So You can estimate the time You will need for downloads.

Create a new file order on Your computer in which You will save the PDF-files. To download an article of my website You only need to click at it.

This opens a new window in which the file is downloading. This will take some time because there are many pictures with good quality and therefore big file size. To save a file on Your computer click at "Save as" in Your Windows Explorer menue or in "Adobe Reader ®". Choose the new file order and save the file with its original name. Then You may close the download window.
3. Reading and Printing parts of Pressglas-Korrespondenz
To read and print the downloaded files use "Acrobat Reader ®".
See also:  "How to Get & Use Adobe Reader" (English Version) (2.108 KB, 18 pages)
4. Please be patient when downloading parts of Pressglas-Korrespondenz!
Articles on pressed glass will only be worthwhile with pictures in good quality! The narrow bandwidths of Internet ports and lines take much time when an article has many pages and pictures. There is no use in compressing pictures to their minimum file size because it will be difficult to recognize the decorations and motives of pressed glasses. I can assure You that there are only articles on my website which will be worth the time for downloading!

From the above noted arguments You will understand that it is not possible to provide complete catalogues and issues of "Pressglas-Korrespondenz" on my website. There are readers who help finance my activity - they get the complete issues - printed on paper or saved on CD-ROMs! Articles in "Aktuell" shall give an overwiew about the many themes of PK and are there to stimulate other interested collectors of pressed glass to support the activities of my authors and me with suscriptions and regular payments!

Recently I have reconstructed my website technically so search machines as for instance "GOOGLE" will find all information of my website and every author. All of them will be represented at the PK website at least with one article!
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